About The Book

scaleJoystickSiteImage-432pxBlackWMAlthough some video game companies have in-house counsel to help them navigate the complex web of laws that involves gaming, many smaller, mid-sized, and independent video game companies have to rely on outside counsel or even themselves to help understand the germane laws. Without having a solid foundational grasp of the intellectual property laws that underlie gaming, game developers can find themselves in serious trouble, becoming vulnerable to infringement, privacy breaches, and even litigation.

That’s where THE VIDEO GAME LAW book comes in. Written by the most prominent, sought-after and respected video game attorneys in the country, S. Gregory Boyd, Brian Pyne, and Sean Kane, break down the laws every game developer needs to know to better protect their company and their games’s intellectual property. Some benefits of THE VIDEO GAME LAW book:

  • Grasp a solid understanding of intellectual property (IP) concepts and laws as they apply to gaming in order to better protect a company’s unique IP
  • Explore cutting edge legal issues that affect the gaming industry, including gambling, virtual currency, and relevant privacy laws
  • Become well-versed in legal and privacy vocabulary needed to navigate this growing industry
  • Stay on top of compliance and litigation issues by understanding history of past IP litigation and trends regarding IP protection

No other book the market so comprehensively breaks down the legal issues and concerns that serve as the foundation of IP in the gaming industry. While other books have attempted to provide both depth and breadth of coverage, THE VIDEO GAME LAW BOOK will become the primary go-to guide for gaming companies in the United States and beyond.